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Our History


We are here to pursue a noble mission in the field of education.

The Nava Prabhat family is committed to help to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for the unprivileged children of india.

We hope you will join us to support and celebrate a world in which children live out their dreams.


When Bhagaban Dev was a child of eight years old, in standard three of the village school, he used to feel very sad upon seeing the poor children outside the gate of the school who did not come to school to study, but came to the gate for the food items which were usually distributed at four o’clock each day.  The cook at the school was an old man who used to shout at the poor village children.  This incident touched Bhagaban Dev’s heart and he felt very sad hearing those harsh words addressed to the children. Since then, as a small child, he had a vision to do something to educate the unprivileged children of his village. Nava Prabhat is the result of that soft and pious thought of that teenager, which of course was materialized with the help of Mahatma Yoga Muni, who  is now known as Swami Muniswarananda Saraswati.

The main objectives of the trust is to serve the underprivileged and economically poor sections of the society, by guiding them in the fields of education, health, economic, social, and spiritual development to bring them into the mainstream of prosperity. We do believe that education is the only weapon to fight against ignorance which can cause all sorts of misery in a human beings life.

For us, education does not mean simply intellectual development and acquiring a mere degree to earn a livelihood but, it encompasses the holistic development of a human being, merging morality, character, spirituality and universal brotherhood.

Admission<br /> The admission procedure to Nava Prabhat Vedic Vidyapeeth consists of an annual merit test, called “Prabesh Parikshya”.<br /> The entrance exam is held every year, on 1st of April.<br />


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  • Address: Post Bag No.1 ,At-Nuapali , P.O –Kansingha, Dist.-Bargarh 768036, Odisha ,INDIA.
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