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The trust management believes that education is the only weapon to fight against ignorance, poverty and all sorts of weaknesses. Education, based on spiritual guidelines, will help the students to become disciplined , self-reliant, responsible and bring harmony to society. Children have the opportunity to study and grow up within an integral system of education based on vedic philosophy.  After the students graduate from this Vedic Sanskrit educational curriculum they are very well prepared to successfully attend higher educational degree programs elsewhere.

The campus is divided in two sections:

Vedic Gurukul For Girls

It is said that a mother is the first and foremost teacher of a child; so if a female is educated it means the whole family is educated. The education of women in the area where the trust operates is very poor. Even today most of the families in the villages pay no attention to educate a girl.

Keeping this in view, the trust has been operating a Gurukul for girls since 1st of January, 2011. At present we have 42 girls from the neighboring villages. The girl’s educational system is functioning as a day school due to lack of residential boarding facilities.

Our will is to build and create a residential Kanya (girls) Gurukul campus in order to provide a more comprehensive education for them. Therefore the trust management begun working on this new project, centering our efforts on this goal and of course with the help of our great-hearted donors.  We wish to open, as soon as possible, the residential school for the girls.

Students’s Achievements

  • The students of all the last batches of graduation classes have secured first positions and Gold Medals in University.
  • Many students have qualified for NET/JRF Examination of University grant commission and are engaged in research work.
  • Eight students have been awarded the Chief Minister Medha Honour achieving the 1st ,2nd and 3rd position in Odisha Sanskrit Board.
  • Many alumnae are employed in government jobs and are spreading Vedic knowledge and culture.
  • Some students from the boys Gurukul have won 1st and 2nd prizes in different national and state level competitions.
  • In 2016-2017 academic year the first batch of girls appeared in 10th class exams and scored more than 70% marks.
  • Many girls memorized Shastras like Astadhyayee, Geeta, etc

Other Activities of Nava Prabhat:

  • There are several programs that are organized by Gurukul students for the surrounding communities:
  • How to prepare and preserve Ayurvedic herbs.
  • Free medical camps are organized in local villages.
  • Yoga & Meditation camps are offered for supporting underprivileged children in the local area.
  • Spreading Vedic knowledge and culture to enhance the spiritual development of community.
  • Organic Farming is practiced at the Gurukul while also sharing this knowledge with environmentalists.
  • The Gurukul maintains a sustainable landscape where nature is valued and preserved.
  • We plan to establish a Goushala (diary farm) for the protection and care of native cows.

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